Friday, April 3, 2009

God has Re-Awakened My Spirit

God has been waiting on me for a long time... HE has waited for me to accept the task that HE has put before me; HE has waited to ask, "Are you ready to become an artist in the King's Court?"; and, HE has waited for me to say, "Yes, Lord, I will do your bidding."

I have been a Christian since I was 13 years old: I'm now in my 50s.

All this time, I (literally) have wandered the Earth alone. Well, not exactly alone; I have a family and God has always been with me, but I have always felt the loner.

God's Holy Spirit hovers over, around and actually indwells me, patiently refining my spiritual substance to reflect the image of the risen Messiah, Jesus Christ. HE has never left me, even though there have been times when I didn't believe HE was close by. HE has remained with me, even when I hardened my heart towards HIM. HE has had a plan for me, and I know now that I have wasted a lot of time -- time I should have spent doing God's work.

Now, I find no rest in my spirit, because I feel an urgency to do God's work.